ENHYPEN Sunoo and Niki posted cute photos on the move !!

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Quote from:ENHYPEN twitter
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ENHYPEN has decided to debut from the audition program I-LAND.

ENHYPEN already has a lot of fans all over the world.

ENHYPEN has also opened an SNS account and is enjoying interacting with their fans.

ENHYPEN Sunoo and NIKI posted cute pictures!

Here are the photos of Sunoo and Niki posted on ENHYPEN’s official Twitter account.

Sunoo and Niki were taking pictures while they were on the move.

Sunoo posted a photo of Niki secretly first, and then Niki posted a photo of Sunoo.

Sunoo responded to Niki’s photo with “I can’t believe it 😢” .

It was a wonderful post that conveys the good relationship between Sunoo and Niki!

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ENHYPEN has just been formed, but the number of followers on ENHYPEN’s official Twitter account has exceeded 750,000.

Even before the debut, ENHYPEN is supported by many fans.

I’m looking forward to the future activities of ENHYPEN ♪