ENHYPEN Niki’s facial expression is a hot topic! “FEVER” MV teaser was released!

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Quote from:YouTube
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ENHYPEN is making a comeback with the new song “Drunk-Dazed”.

Powerful dance performances and addictive melodies are popular.

The MV teaser for ENHYPEN’s new song “FEVER” was released!

This is the MV teaser for ENHYPEN “FEVER” released at 00:00 on May 17th.

The surprise release has become a hot topic all over the world.

ENHYPEN members in white outfits overlapped in the center, and it was a mysterious atmosphere.

The last Niki was especially talked about!

Niki wiped around his mouth with his hand, and it was sexy and cool scene .

Niki is still young but had great expressiveness !

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Recently, ENHYPEN won the first place in the music program.

ENHYPEN become more and more popular.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance in “FEVER” ♪