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ENHYPEN Sung Hoon’s eyebrow piercing is cool! “Blessed-Cursed” teaser was released!

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ENHYPEN will make a comeback with the new song “Blessed-Cursed” on January 10th.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of song this is ENHYPEN’s new song following “Tamed-Dashed”.

Today, January 7th, the official teaser of ENHYPEN “Blessed-Cursed” has been released!

This is ENHYPEN Sung Hoon’s official teaser of “Blessed-Cursed” posted on YouTube.

Sung Hoon wore white outfits.

Blonde looks good on Sung Hoon, and he is so handsome 😆

Sung Hoon’s eyebrow piercings have attracted attention among fans!

Previously, Niki and Sunoo had eyebrow piercings, and this time Sung Hoon also had eyebrow piercings.

It seems to be the eyebrow piercings attached by sticker.

Other ENHYPEN members teaser of “Blessed-Cursed” were also cool, so let’s check it out ♪