ENHYPEN was in danger ! The airport was flooded with fans and the members are in danger !!

Quote from:ENHYPEN twitter

ENHYPEN was born from the audition program I-LAND.

BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT also appeared on I-LAND, which attracted attention.

Seven members from I-LAND became ENHYPEN by global voting.

ENHYPEN is so popular that it already has a lot of fans all over the world.

On September 26th, fans flooded in for ENHYPEN returning from Jeju Island to Seoul!

This is the state of GMP Airport when ENHYPEN returns.

Many cameras and fans flooded in, and ENHYPEN members were in danger!

ENHYPEN couldn’t even walk to the car, and they were almost crushed.

I thought that the number of airport users was decreasing due to the influence of the coronavirus, but the behavior of the fans did not change.

It’s painful to see the members walking while protecting each other.

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The members of ENHYPEN are still young and seem to be scared about this issue, and many fans have raised concerns.

The word “PROTECTENHYPEN” has become a trend.

I’m a fan, so I know fans want to meet ENHYPEN, but it makes me sad when I think about the ENHYPEN members.

I want ENHYPEN members to work safely.