ENHYPEN Jungwon’s red hair and piercings are so cool!


Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN.

Jungwon is a high school student, and he is very popular all over the world.

ENHYPEN Jungwon’s photo released on April 19 is a hot topic!

These are photos of Jungwon posted on ENHYPEN’s official Instagram.

There was “❤️”.

Jungwon’s hair color has changed to red hair, and his unexpected hair color change has become a hot topic!

Jungwon has never had such a flashy hair color, so I was surprised.

In addition, Jungwon has piercings!

Jungwon said about piercings before and we could see his piercings first time

I’m looking forward to Jungwon’s hair color and piercings in the future activities of ENHYPEN ♪