ITZY Yuna’s graduation photo is so cute! ENHYPEN Sunoo and Jay’s graduation photos are also wonderful!

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Yuna, the youngest member of ITZY.

Yuna was born in 2003 and is a third year student at Hanlim High School.

Today, February 11th, the graduation ceremony of Hanlim High School was held!

Yesterday, on February 10, IVE Rei and Kep1er Dayeon graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School.

Yuna’s the photos of her graduation album were a hot topic!

Yuna’s style is outstanding and she’s so cute 😆

Actually, ENHYPEN Sunoo and Jay belonged to same class as Yuna.

The photos of Sunoo and Jay at graduation album are also attracting attention among fans.

I’m surprised that three idols who are expected to be active in the future were in the same class.

Happy Graduation 🎉