ITZY Ryujin and StrayKids Hyunjin danced”Sneakers” ! ? The JYP family in Isac2022 is a hot topic!


ITZY belongs to JYP Entertainment.

Recently, ITZY made a comeback with the new song “SNEAKERS”, and TikTok’s dance challenge is trending.

ITZY Ryujin taught StrayKids Hyunjin the “SNEAKERS” dance at Isac2022 held today on July 1st !

StrayKids, ITZY, NMIXX, and Xdinary Heroes participated in Isac2022.

It was a precious scene because we haven’t seen much of Ryujin and Hyunjin’s relationship until now.

Hyunjin’s “SNEAKERS” dance was so cute😆

I’d like to see the dance collaboration of Ryujin and Hyunjin on stage someday!

In addition, the scene where the JYP family gathered and took a photo together with TWICE Dahyun, who was the MC of Isac2022, was also wonderful♪