Kep1er XiaoTing’s ballroom dance sport is a hot topic at Isac2022! Billlie Tsuki is also wonderful !


Kep1er debuted from the audition program “Girl’s Planet 999”.

Kep1er appeared on the competition program “QUEENDOM” and attracted attention for their high quality performance.

Yesterday, August 1st, the ballroom dance sport was performed at the Isac 2022!

There were both female idols and male idols, and they danced in pairs with professional dancers.

The female idols who participated in ballroom dance sport were Kep1er XiaoTing, Billlie Tsuki, NMIXX Sullyoon, and Eunbi.

Xiao Ting was originally a ballroom dancer, and her ability became a hot topic from the time she practiced.

Xiao Ting’s ballroom dance was amazing😆

Xiao Ting’s performance using a hat, and the costume change was beautiful.

Not only Xiao Ting, but Japanese member Billlie Tsuki’s ballroom dance was also great.

Tsuki is famous for her facial expressions at fancam, and this ballroom dance was also amazing!

I could feel that they worked hard to prepare, and the scene where the members cried was also very moving 🥺

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