Pink hair Chaehyun is the center! Kep1er “WA DA DA” MV was released! Their dance is cool!


Kep1er formed from the audition program “Girls Planet 999”.

Kep1er is made up of nine members and is popular all over the world.

Today, January 3rd, the MV of Kep1er’s debut song “WA DA DA” has finally been released!

This is the MV of Kep1er “WA DA DA” released on YouTube.

“WA DA DA” has already attracted attention from the MV teaser.

It’s an addictive song, especially the chorus “WA DA DA” is so addictive.

Chaehyun, who won the 1st place in the vote of “Girls Plant 999”, was the center, and her pink hair is cute 😆

Each member had a highlight and the formation was amazing.

“WA DA DA” is a different concept from the debut songs of I.O.I and IZ*ONE, which were born from the Produce series so far.

Kep1er was originally scheduled to debut on December 14, but its debut has been postponed due to coronavirus.

So, fans are very pleased with Kep1er’s debut.

Let’s check out Kep1er’s debut activity at “WA DA DA” starting from now on ♪