What meanings of Kep1er “WADADA”? Amharic? Korean? Check the guess of fans♪


Kep1er will debut on January 3rd.

Mashiro and Xiao Ting have recovered from the coronavirus and are preparing for their debut.

Today, on December 29th, the MV teaser of Kep1er’s debut song “WA DA DA” was released.

This time, I would like to introduce fan’s guess about meanings of Kep1er “WA DA DA”!

This is the MV teaser of Kep1er “WA DA DA” released on YouTube.

The MV teaser of “WA DA DA” has quickly exceeded 1 million playbacks and has received a hot reaction.

Many fans are wondering what “WA DA DA” means.

The meaning of “WA DA DA” has not been officially introduced yet, but fans are considering various meanings.

One guess is “LOVE” in Ethiopian (Amharic)!

I don’t know the overall meaning of the lyrics of “WA DA DA”, but if “WA DA DA” means “LOVE”, it’s a nice meaning.

Also, some fans expected “WA DA DA” means the Korean word “왔다 (watta:came)”.

“WA DA DA” is Kep1er’s debut song, so “WA DA DA” may mean Kep1er came to fans to say hello.

I still don’t know the true meaning of “WA DA DA”, but it’s fun to think about the meanings.

In the released “WA DA DA” MV teaser, the choreography of “WA DA DA” using hands is also attracted attention!

And on January 3rd, the MV of Kep1er “WA DA DA” was finally released.

It’s a powerful performance, addictive song, and it’s already popular.

The meaning of “WA DA DA” that fans were interested in seemed to be a Korean onomatopoeia, which represents the sound of rushing and running.

We can feel their energetic and it’s the perfect song for debut song 😆

Let’s check out the debut activities of Kep1er “WA DA DA” that will start from now on ♪