Who is the leader of Kep1er? Yujin, Mashiro, Dayeon? Fans expect!


Kep1er formed from the audition program “Girls Planet 999”.

Kep1er members are very popular, and their debut activities are expected.

Today, November 4th, Kep1er broadcasted V Live for the first time!

It was the first time that I see Kep1er after the final episode of “Girls Planet 999”.

Kep1er members greeted all the fans and thanked them for supporting their debut.

Their teamwork was good 😆

Recently, the leader of Kep1er has been attracting attention among fans!

There were many missions in “Girls Planet 999”, and there were various teams.

Yujin, Dayeon, Mashiro, and Chaehyun have experience as leaders in missions, and their leadership ability is great.

There are many leader candidates, and I am wondering who will be the leader of Kep1er!

Many fans expected Yujin to be the leader.

Let’s check out who will be the leader of Kep1er♪