Kep1er’s fan club name is “Kep1ian”! What’s meaning of “Kep1ian”?


Kep1er formed from the audition program “Girls Planet 999”.

Kep1er made its debut yesterday on January 3rd with “WA DA DA”.

The debut program was broadcast, and the performances of “Shine”, “MVSK”, and “WA DA DA” were wonderful.

And the fan club name of Kep1er has been decided to be “Kep1ian”!

This is a tweet to “Kep1ian” posted on Kep1er’s official Twitter account.

“Kep1ian” means “people who support Kep1er”!

There was a message to Kep1ian saying “Let’s make good memories with Kep1er”.

Let’s check the debut activity of Kep1er “WA DA DA” starting from now on ♪