Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih became blonde! She resembles Somi from I.O.I !?


Kep1er will debut on December 14th.

The concept photo of their debut album “FIRST IMPACT” has been released, and the members’ hair color change is drawing attention.

In the photo released on December 1st, Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih became blonde!

This is a photo of Huening Bahiyyih posted on Kep1er’s official Twitter account.

Since “Girls Planet 999”, Huening Bahiyyih had been active with dark hair color, so I was surprised at her hiar color change to blonde!

She is so beautiful and cute 😆

Her fans also says the blonde looks good on her.

Fans who saw Huening Bahiyyih’s blonde said that she resembles Somi from I.O.I!

At the time of the latest song “XOXO”, Somi was blonde.

In Kep1er’s “FIRST IMPACT” Concept Photo 1, Huening Bahiyyih had black hair, so I’m interested in which her hair color is black or blonde at Kep1er’s debut activities😆

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