BTS Maknae line visited beach! Photos with beautiful sunsets are posted! Hobi also together ♪


BTS held an offline concert “PTD ON STAGE LA”.

Yesterday, on November 30th, Jin posted photos at Six Flags in LA.

And today, on December 1st, BTS Maknae line (Taehyung(V), Jimin,and Jungkook) posted photos on beach!

These are photos of Maknae line posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

There was a comment saying “I want to go again”.

The sunset was so beautiful and I could feel the beautiful nature.

In the first photo, there is Jimin’s back, and in the second, there is Jimin sitting on the beach, Jungkook talking to Jimin, and in the third photo, there is Taehyung(V)’s back !

It seemed that J-HOPE went to the beach with Maknae line.

BTS has always been busy, so it would be great if they could enjoy their private and refresh theirself!

By the way, Taehyung(V)’s selfie was also posted on Twitter today, so let’s check that too ♪