BTS Jimin’s height has grown! ? Which is bigger, SUGA or JIMIN?

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Quote from:BTS twitter
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BTS is preparing for a comeback with their new album “BE”.

BTS’s 2021 season greeting teaser has also been released.

This time, I will introduce the information about BTS JIMIN’s height !

This is Jimin’s tweet posted on BTS’s official Twitter account on November 13th.

The result of Jimin’s body measurement was shown with a comment “My height is … 😢 Wow !!”.

JIMIN’s height was 173.6 cm on March 6, 2019, and 174 cm on October 23, 2020, so 0.4 cm growing .

“First I caught up with Yoongi’s height. Next, JHOPE, please prepare.”

You can feel Jimin’s passion for his height .

This JIMIN’s cute post became a hot topic, and words about Jimin such as “ジミンちゃん” and “Jiminie” were trending!

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Jimin looks small and cute when he is with BTS members.

Jimin looks especially cute when he is with V and Jungkook!

Please check the posts of BTS members in the future ♪