BTS Jungkook’s eyebrow piercing is a hot topic! “Butter” teaser photo was released!

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BTS will release a new song “Butter” on May 21st.

The group teaser photo of “Butter” was released, and their handsome looks are attracting attention.

On May 12th, the teaser photo of BTS Jungkook and RM was released!

This is the teaser photo of Jungkook.

Jungkook had purple hair and a ponytail hairstyle.

Furthermore, if you look closely, there are something like piercings on his eyebrow!

It also looks like rhinestones, and his fashionable accessory has become a hot topic.

Next is the teaser photo of RM.

Pink hair looks great on RM !

His eyes were also really cool!

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The teaser photos of Jungkook and RM have been released, and I’m wondering who the next member will be!

I’m looking forward to the outfits and accessories of other BTS members in teaser photo!

Please check it out ♪