BTS collaborates with Starbucks! !

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BTS that jumps out of Korea and is very popular all over the world.

Fans are getting excited for their comeback on February 21.

The information that is released every day is on the rise.

Such BTS has decided to collaborate with Starbucks in Korea!

Photos posted on the official Twitter of Starbucks in Korea showcase products collaborating with BTS.

Starbucks will launch a collaboration product with BTS on the theme of space and stars.

BTS theme color purple based cakes and macaroons are very cute!

I want to go to Korea.

Sales will be donated. BTS’s kindness is transmitted.

Goods that collaborate with BTS, such as mugs, glasses, pouches and key chains, will also be sold.

It will be on sale from January 21, so if you are interested, please check it out!