Jin is the main character! ? BTS “Film out” MV released! SOPE is also a hot topic! Pay attention to the story that matches the lyrics!

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BTS is a big hit with “Dynamite” released in 2020.

BTS is very popular in Japan, and they have released many Japanese songs so far.

The MV of BTS’s new song “Film out” was released!

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Film out' Official MV

This is the MV of BTS “Film out” released at 0:00 on April 2nd.

It was already talked about from the teaser released the other day.

The story that matches the lyrics was attracting attention, and Jin was like the main character!

“Film out” is the theme song of the movie “Signal”.

The lyrics is perfect for “Signal”.

There are many scenes that seemed to link to the MV of “FAKE LOVE” released by BTS in 2018, and ARMY are considering various things.

The scene where j-hope and SUGA sing with their backs facing each other is also wonderful, and “SOPE” has become a trend on Twitter!

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The melody of “Film out” is created by BTS’s Jungkook and back number’s vocalist Iyori Shimizu.

It was a wonderful collaboration !

I want to listen to it live someday.

Please also check out the movie “Signal ” ♪