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BTS Jin’s new mic is cute! Jin likes the pink butterfly!

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BTS is very popular all over the world.

BTS is a KPOP idol that is very popular all over the world, beyond Korea and Asia.

On April 4th, a behind-the-scenes video of “The Tonight Show” was released!

This is the behind video of “The Tonight Show” released on YouTube.

At The Tonight Show, BTS performed a lot of songs such as “HOME”, “IDOL”, “Mikrokosmos”, “Dynamite”, and “Black Swan” .

In the behind video of “Mikrokosmos” at Gyeongbokgung, Jin introduced us to a new mic design! (Around 10 minutes and 30 seconds)

Jin’s white mic had a pink butterfly design.

It was a mic with a cute design that was perfect for Jin.

The stage of “Mikrokosmos” was also wonderful and it was a gorgeous stage 😆

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Not only Jin, but Jungkook’s new mic has been a hot topic !

Jungkook uses a mic that is a mixture of purple and blue like galaxy, and it has a beautiful design.

Please check that out too ♪