It’s too cool! BTS unveils BlackSwan for the first time!! “The Late Late Show with James Corden”


BTS coming back in February.

The performance at the Grammy Awards the other day was also very popular.

BTS unveiled their new song “BlackSwan” for the first time in “The Late Late Show with James Corden”!

The first stage of BTS’s “BlackSwan” which finally started with James Corden introducing a new song.

All members performed barefoot.

The dance video of “BlackSwan” was released by MN Dance Company, but it was the first time BTS performed.

I was looking forward to seeing what kind of dance they would show, but it was the best performance.

All the members performed wonderfully, but Jimin’s dance was especially great.

Everyone was glued to Jimin’s movement, which was good at supple dance.

After the stage, BTS was kindly welcomed by James Corden.

BTS was able to finish the stage safely and it seemed reassuring.

This time BTS showed the stage of “BlackSwan”.

I’m looking forward to the next new song ♪