BTS SUGA(Yoongi)’s pet dog Holly is cute! Comments from J-HOPE and Jin on Instagram are a hot topic!

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BTS SUGA(Yoongi) is popular all over the world.

SUGA has over 26 million followers on personal Instagram and is very popular.

Yesterday, January 21st, SUGA posted a photo of his dog Holly on Instagram!

This is the photo of Holly posted on BTS SUGA’s Instagram.

SUGA commented, ” a puffy holly who just wake up ” .

The photo shows SUGA’s pet dog Holly, and Holly is so cute !

There was also ARMY who said that Holly was similar to SUGA, and I felt a their good relationship.

J-HOPE commented “Hello Holly 😍” to this SUGA post!

Furthermore, Jin also commented “😍”, and they all loved Holly.

I want to see SUGA and Holly playing together ♪