BTS collaborates with FILA ! Sold out one after another! !

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BTS that has noticed the comeback and is attracting attention.

Every tweet has become a trend, and BTS’s actions are being watched around the world.

BTS has attracted attention from the fashion industry and was very popular when it collaborated with PUMA.

The next BTS collaborated with FILA.

BTS wearing a sweatshirt and a hoodie on a FILA T-shirt.

It’s a familiar FILA, but you want it when you wear BTS!

Not only T-shirts and trainers, but also backpacks.

It’s a simple design that we can use everyday.

This FILA commercial where BTS members appear one after another became a hot topic if it was too cool!

Starting from the RM, where you can feel the charm of an adult, it was an irresistible commercial for Army, from the kiss of Jin and the smile of Jungkook.

FILA goods that BTS wants to get by all means.

Because it is already sold out, early ♪