TXT Soobin danced BTS “Dynamite”! “Dynamite” won first place at Music Bank !!

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Quote from:TXT twitter
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Music bank, a popular Korean music program.

TXT Soobin and OHMYGIRL Arin are currently MCs at Music Bank.

Two cute MCs from popular idols are getting attention every time.

BTS “Dynamite” won the 1st place in the music bank broadcast on September 4!

This is the Music Bank broadcast on September 4th.

BTS “Dynamite” and ITZY “Not Shy” were the top candidates this time.

And BTS “Dynamite” won first place!

BTS didn’t appear, but TXT Soobin was dancing “Dynamite” instead.

Soobin also performed the dance of turning his legs, which is the key point of “Dynamite”.

MC’s Arin was also cheering next to him and it was a cute scene.

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BTS and TXT are idols who belong to the same office.

I haven’t seen many co-stars, but they seem to have a good relationship!

Be sure to check out the BTS “Dynamite” stage♪