BTS Jimin and JHOPE fashionably customize FILA sneakers! !

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BTS’s tweets are a hot topic every time.

Interaction with fans using SNS is also a secret of BTS’s popularity.

BTS Jimin’s photos of sneakers are introduced this time!

This is Jimin’s tweet posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

“We custom! JHOPE on the left, I (JIMIN) on the right!”

They have fashionably customized white FILA sneakers!

The atmosphere is different on the left and right, which is fashionable.

JHOPE’s custom left foot had a masculine design.

Jimin’s custom right leg has a cherry blossom design, perfect for spring!

It was a work in which you can feel the individuality of the two people.

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BTS will entertain you with various tweets.

This time it was a custom sneaker.

The number of ARMYs to imitate is likely to increase.

Please check it out!