What does BTS Jungkook’s Instagram username(ID) mean? His idea is wonderful!

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Today, December 6th, all 7 BTS members have opened their personal Instagram accounts.

Until now, BTS members posted photos on Twitter and Weverse, but they didn’t have a personal Instagram account.

It was wonderful that everyone opened a personal Instagram at the same time.

BTS members Instagram usernames(IDs) are also attracting attention, especially Jungkook’s username!

This is the first photo posted on BTS Jungkook’s personal Instagram.

Jungkook posted a photo of the beach, and the sunset was beautiful.

Jungkook’s personal Instagram username(ID) was “abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz” !

The alphabet continued in order from a, and “jk” was changed to” _”.

Jungkook’s nickname “jk” is hidden, and his idea is wonderful 😆

Jungkook also posted a photo taken at SoFi Stadium in “PTD ON STAGE LA” on Instagram.

Let’s check it out ♪