BTS Jungkook presents gloves to TXT Taehyun! Jungkook’s kindness is a hot topic!

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS and TXT belonging to the same HYBE.

TXT has been attracting attention even before their debut, and has become a very popular group these days.

This time, I will introduce the episode with BTS Jungkook that TXT Taehyun talked about!

This is V Live broadcasted by TXT Taehyun on June 30th today.

Taehyun answered MOA’s comments and talked about various things.

The most notable episode was with BTS Jungkook!

Recently, Taehyun finished exercising and when he was with Jungkook, he didn’t have a back glove, so he asked Jungook “Hyeong, do you have any extra gloves?”, and Jungkook replied, “I’ll bring it tomorrow.”

And the next day, Jungkook have brought gloves to Taehyun as promised!

It was an episode in which you could feel Jungkook’s kindness !

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In fact, Taehyun has been attracting attention with his face similar to Jungkook since his debut.

Furthermore, Taehyun’s role model is Jungkook.

Please check the future friendship between Taehyun and Jungkook ♪