BTS V injured during MV shooting of ON ! Focus on his professional behavior !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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BTS is a big hit with the new song “Dynamite”.

You can see a cute performance in “Dynamite” .

This time, I would like to introduce the BTS V injury that occurred during the MV shooting of “ON”!

This is the MV shooting behind video of BTS “ON” posted on YouTube.

“ON” is a song that has become a hot topic for cool performances.

The drum performances of the dancers were also impressive.

In the video, V was injured!

It seems that the zipper on the jacket hit V’s face during the dance and he injured the side of his eyes.

It was red and seemed to hurt, but V who continued to work on MV shooting with a professional attitude was wonderful!

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In the “ON” MV, the tattoo written on V’s face also became a hot topic.

The blood vessel-like tattoo designed on his neck was also sexy.

Please check it out ♪