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Let’s dance! BTS posted “Dynamite” Challenge Video on TikTok !!

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Quote from:TikTok
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BTS has released a new song “Dynamite”.

“Dynamite” is a new song released as a surprise to cheer people around the world.

The pop and colorful MV of “Dynamite” is also popular.

A dance video of “Dynamite” was posted on BTS’s official TikTok!

This is a BTS dance video posted on TikTok.

V and Jimin, RM and JHOPE, SUGA and Jungkook, and finally Jin to the music of “Dynamite” !!

It was a nice video with the members switching one after another and the screen switching being cool.

The dance challenge video of this new BTS song “Dynamite” is in vogue and people all over the world are dancing.

They have posted a lot of high quality dances and original dances.

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Dance of “Dynamite” was easy to imitate like DISCO.

You’ll feel fine when you’re dancing “Dynamite”.

Please give it a try♪