BTS Jimin posted a video of playing with the snow! Cute Jimin is a hot topic!

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BTS Jimin is a member who is good at vocals and dance, and there are many idols who mention Jimin as a role model.

This time, I will introduce the video posted by Jimin!

This is Jimin’s video posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

In the video, Jimin was slipping while doing a heart pose from the top of a snowy slope!

Jimin was playing happily and he seemed to be back in his childhood.

Jimin was hurt his ass and tried to get up, but he slipped and fell.

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In BTS’s 2021 winter package, not only Jimin but other BTS members wore cute winter fashion.

In the spot video, there are scenes where BTS plays at ski resorts and ziplines, and they are very cute.

Please check that out too ♪