BTS Jin is crying! ? Jin at BANGBANGCON is a topic !!

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BTS BANGBANGCON The Live held online on June 14th.

ARMY from all over the world was participating.

BANGBANGCON The Live was a great success with some songs released live for the first time, such as “Friends”.

Such JIN at BANGBANGCON The Live is a hot topic!

BTS performed “Spring Day” at the end of BANGBANGCON The Live.

I felt like the expression of Jin waving at ARMY from the screen was about to cry.

JIN’s photograph posted on BTS’s official Twitter after BANGBANGCON was overwhelmed by the tearful eyes of Jin.

I don’t know if Jin was actually crying, but maybe he was really impressed.

For the reason of tears, various thoughts are being made, whether it is the loneliness of not being able to meet ARMY or the sign that his enlistment is approaching.

Since Jin, the oldest in BTS, was born in 1992, it is said that he will join the military soon.

It’s too sad that I can’t meet Jin live before joining the squad! !

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BANG BANGCON The Live from BTS was a great excitement.

It was a wonderful live like never before.

Attention was focused on Jin’s tears, but I don’t really know.

I will continue to support BTS♪