TXT will appear on MusicStation! Surprisingly, “Fairy of Shampoo” will be shown!


TXT (Tomorrow XTogther) belongs to Big Hit Entertainment.

TXT has made its debut in Japan and is very popular in Japan!

It has been decided that such TXT will appear at Music Station , which will be broadcast on June 26!

TXT recently released a new album “The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY” in Korea.

The activity on the title song “Can’t You See Me?” was a great success.

TXT was also active in the subsequent song “PUMA”.

I was wondering if TXT would even show off “Can’t You See Me?” even in MusicStation, but surprisingly TXT will sing “Fairy of Shampoo”. !!

“Fairy of Shampoo” is like a fairy tale, it’s a calm song.

The sexy dance is also a highlight.

I’m looking forward to what kind of stage TXT will show at MusicStation.

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TXT performing on MusicStation on June 26th.

It seems that TXT will also have a live talk remotely.

When TXT appeared on MusicStation last time, They introduced theirself too cute.

I’m looking forward to what kind of talk this time.

Be sure to check out MusicStation on June 26, where TXT will appear♪