What is TATA mic face of BTS V(Taehyung)? Let’s check V Live and AMAs!


BTS Taehyung(V) is very popular all over the world

Taehyung(V) is a popular member not only for his handsome looks but also for his humorous personality.

Recently, TATA mic face of Taehyung(V) is a hot topic!

This is a video of 2021 FESTA.

It was cute that Taehyung (V) tried to get the TATA mic. (Around 28 minutes)

The face expression of Taehyung(V) at this time is called “TATA mic face” among ARMY!

“TATA mic face” was also seen at AMAs.

When Jungkook spoke after SUGA, Taehyung’s face expression was cute! (Around 2 minutes)

“TATA mic face” became a hot topic in V Live broadcasted after “PTD ON STAGE LA” by Taehyung !

I think we can see a lot of Taehyung’s “TATA mic face” in future BTS activities, so let’s check it out ♪