BTS Taehyung(V) gave his jacket to ARMY! ? PTD ON STAGE LA is a hot topic!

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“PTD ON STAGE LA” was held by BTS in Los Angeles, USA for 4 days.

The last day was held not only offline but also online.

On the final day of “PTD ON STAGE LA”, Taehyung(V) has become a hot topic!

These are photos posted on BTS’s official Twitter account after “PTD ON STAGE LA”.

Every stage was wonderful.

According to ARMY that visited “PTD ON STAGE LA”, Taehyung(V) handed the jacket that he wore at the time of the encore to the staff, and the staff threw it to ARMY in the arena !

I think ARMY who got Taehyung(V)’s jacket is so happy.

It was good news that BTS’s offline concert will be held in South Korea in March 2022.

Let’s check the success of BTS in the future ♪