TXT covers BTS “DNA”! Soobin covers Jin and Beomgyu covers Taehyung (V)’s part♪


TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) belongs to the HYBE label.

TXT is a very popular group with handsome looks, cool performances.

TXT covered BTS’s “DNA” at the SBS Gayo Daejeon today, December 24th!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= eJ5g0Jbbc0Y

This is TXT’s “DNA” cover video posted on YouTube.

I was surprised that TXT covered BTS’ DNA.

First, Yeonjun was in charge of Jungkook’s part in the intro, and Beomgyu covered Taehyung (V)’s part.

Jin’s part was covered by Soobin.

Soobin is a big fan of Jin, so it was a nice part assignment.

In addition to TXT, ENHYPEN covered BTS’s “DOPE”!

Let’s check it out♪