What’s meaning of the lyrics of TXT “Back for More” ? The collaboration with Anitta is a hot topic!


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The other day, TXT appeared at the VMAs held in America and excited the audience.

This time I introduce the meaning of TXT’s new song “Back for More”!

This is the TXT “Back for More” video posted on the VMA’s official Twitter account.

The fact that they were able to perform on stage at the globally influential award ceremony called VMA clearly shows TXT’s popularity.

The lyrics of “Back for More” seem to mean that “Even in everyday life there are magical and miraculous moments, and for me, reuniting with you is one of those moments.”

The collaboration with Brazilian singer Anitta has become a hot topic!

Anitta is known as a popular artist not only in Brazil but also all over the world, with hits such as “Me Gusta”, a collaboration song with Cardi B and Myke Towers.

The music video for “Back for More” is also available on YouTube, so be sure to check it out♪