What is the relationship between TXT “LOSER = LOVER” and BTS “Butter”? Huening Kai’s outfit is a hot topic !

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) belonging to the same HYBE as BTS.

TXT has decided to make a comeback with the title song “LOSER = LOVER” on August 17, and teasers are released one after another.

In TXT Huening Kai’s teaser, attention was focused on his outfits!

This is Huening Kai’s teaser for TXT “LOSER = LOVER” posted on YouTube.

Huening Kai worked at a restaurant.

BTS “Butter” logo was designed on the hat and apron that Huening Kai wore!

Some ARMY said that Huening Kai’s outfis are related to the pancake that J-HOPE ate at the ending of the “Butter” MV and the female clerk who appeared in the “Permission to Love” MV.

It was a cute outfit that was perfect for Huening Kai!

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Today, on August 16th, the MV teaser for “LOSER = LOVER” was released.

Beomgyu was injured and I’m curious about the future MV story!

Please check out that teaser ♪