IVE Wonyoung is blonde! ? The teaser for “Either Way” has become a hot topic!


IVE Wonyoung is very popular all over the world.

IVE is scheduled to make a comeback with <I’VE MINE> in October, and many fans are looking forward to it.

Today, September 22nd, the teaser for IVE “Either Way” was released!

This is Wonyoung’s teaser for IVE’s “Either Way” released on YouTube.

It was a personal teaser, and the video was so beautiful.

Wonyoung’s blonde hair is becoming a hot topic!

It’s like a dream to see Wonyoung’s blonde hair 😆

Don’t miss out on the upcoming information on IVE <I’VE MINE> to find out what kind of visual they will make a comeback with♪