IZ*ONE Yena became gray hair!!

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Quote from:IZ*ONE instagram
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IZ*ONE born from Produce48.

IZ*ONE also has AKB48 members and is a popular idol all over the world.

All the members are cute and the performance level is high.

Such Yena of IZ*ONE became gray hair!

This is a photo of Yena posted on IZ*ONE Instagram.

Yena said “I dyed my hair!”

Yena’s gray hair looked really good.

Yena was very beautiful.

A short video was also posted at the end, and Yena looking at the camera was cute.

Yena is trying various hair colors, and any hair color suits her.

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Yena has dyed her hair to gray .

Yena’s new hair color has become a hot topic.

I’m looking forward to Yena’s success as IZ*ONE♪