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IZ*ONE Sakura Miyawaki and Chaeyeon dance ITZY “Not Shy”! Focus on the two cute people cooking ramen !!

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Quote from:VLIVE
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ITZY is a big hit with the new song “Not Shy”.

“Not Shy” has won first place in many music programs.

IZ*ONE Sakura Miyawaki and Chaeyeon were also dancing ITZY “Not Shy” on V-live!

This is the V live of IZ*ONE Sakura Miyawaki and Chaeyeon, which was broadcast on September 4.

In this V-live, two people were trying to make spicy ramen in Korea.

They were dancing ITZY’s “Not Shy” while cooking that ramen!

Nako Yabuki became a teacher next to them and taught them how to dance “Not Shy”.

ITZY has Chaeyeon’s sister, Chaeryeong, so I felt a bond between the sisters.

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The spicy ramen challenged by Sakura Miyawaki and Chaeyeon was also delicious.

Chaeyeon, who suffers from spicyness, was also interesting .

Please check it out♪