ITZY Yeji and IZ*ONE Minju danced the “LOCO” challenge! Their crown dance is cute!

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ITZY made a comeback with the new song “LOCO”.

“LOCO” is a popular song for ITZY’s powerful dance performance.

IZ*ONE Minju danced “LOCO” with ITZY Yeji!

This is the “LOCO” challenge video posted on ITZY’s official TikTok.

ITZY appeared “Show Music Core”, and Yeji danced with MC Minju.

Actually, Yeji used to be a special MC with Minju, and they are known for their close relationship.

ITZY made a comeback with “LOCO” and co-starred with Minju for the first time in a while.

In the comeback interview, the good friendship between Yeji and Minju was noticed.

In the “LOCO” challenge posted this time, both of them wore white dresses and they are really beautiful!

It was a cute dance challenge, dancing the crown dance, which is the point of “LOCO”.

The ending was a throwing kiss, and I felt their good friendship.

I would like to see a lot of good friends video between Yeji and Minju ♪