A new hairstyle of SuperM Taeyong is a hot topic! It resembles Todoroki of My Hero Academia! ?A single “100” visual was posted !!

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SuperM, who is promoting the “Super One” project.

New videos are posted every day, and expectations are rising.

And the visual of SuperM’s single “100” announced on August 14 has been released!

Here is a photo posted on SuperM’s official Twitter.

SuperM members in red and black costumes are really cool!

You can see the upgraded SuperM members’ visuals, but especially Taeyong’s hairstyles are attracting attention!

Taeyong’s new hairstyle was red and white hair.

It has been talked about that this Taeyong’s visual is similar to a character.

That’s Todoroki Shoto, who appears in “My Hero Academia”!

Todoroki Shoto is a popular character in My Hero Academia, and his red and white hair is his trademark.

Todoroki that looks exactly like Taeyong’s hairstyle.

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The new hairstyle of SuperM Taeyong, which was talked about like My Hero Academia’s Todoroki.

Taeyong looks great with any hairstyle.

I’m looking forward to the release of SuperM’s new single “100”♪