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NiziU Rima posted photos she wearing glasses! What is Rima doing hard on the weekend?

Quote from:NiziU instagram
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NiziU was made from the NiziU project.

NiziU has set a record with the preview song “Make you happy”.

At Instagram, NiziU members post a lot of photos every day.

This time, I would like to introduce the pictures of glasses that NiziU Rima posted!

Here is a photo of Rima posted on NiziU’s official Instagram.

The glasses with big lenses look great on Rima and it was cute!

Rima’s face looked even smaller.

By the way, Rima seems to study hard on her weekends!

It’s amazing that Rima is busy working as an idol, but studying hard.

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NiziU always posts new photos on Instagram.

This time, Rima posted a photo with glasses on, and it was cute.

Next I’m looking forward to who will post what kind of photos on NiziU instagram♪