IZ*ONE won the 1st place in “Secret Story of the Swan” at THE SHOW! The cute encore stage was also shown !!

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IZ*ONE, who made a comeback with the new song “Secret Story of the Swan”.

The sales of IZONE’s new album set a new record for the girls group.

Such IZ*ONE won the 1st place of “Secret Story of the Swan” for the first time at THE SHOW on June 23!

N.Flying, Weki Meki, and IZ*ONE took the top spot in this show.

And IZ*ONE won the 1st place!

Leader Eunbi made a gratitude comment to the fans.

The other members used to express their hearts on their bodies and were cute.

The theme of the encore stage was cute.

“Secret Story of the Swan” is a cool song in IZ*ONE, but the cute version was also good!

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IZ*ONE is still very popular.

It was the first time IZ*ONE won first place in “Secret Story of the Swan”.

I’m looking forward to seeing IZ*ONE take 1st place in future music programs♪