Beautiful body! IZ*ONE Honda Hitomi’s abdominal muscles are amazing! !!

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IZ*ONE was born from the popular audition program Produce48.

In collaboration with AKB48, it became a hot topic in Japan.

IZ*ONE was chosen by three people: Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako, and Honda Hitomi.

All three of them quickly became well-known in Korea.

This time I will introduce the beautiful body of Japanese member Hitomi Honda of such IZ*ONE !

Hitomi Honda posted the state of training to IZ*ONE’s official Instagram.

Especially, the attention was paid to her abs!

Her abs that cracked vertically beautifully are wonderful!

Hitomi Honda, who has been known as an effort person for a long time, was surprised that she had narrowed her body to this point.

Because of this effort, she is loved in Korea.

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If you look at Hitomi’s abs, you’ll be influenced by yourself.

That’s why stay HOME is now the time to train.

Let’s aim at the abs of Hitomi by all means by the abs training ♪