DITA’s dance and JINNY’s rap are cool! SECRET NUMBER released MV of 「Got That Boom」!!

Quote from:SECRET NUMBER twitter

SECRET NUMBER composed of multinational members.

The MV of their debut song “Who Dis?” has exceeded 30 million views.

SECRET NUMBER has made a comeback with their new song “Got That Boom”!

This is the MV of SECRET NUMBER “Got That Boom” released on November 4th.

“Got That Boom” is a new song that attracted attention from the teaser video.

It was a disco-style music, and it was cool from the beginning of Dita’s singing!

At the climax, Dita was dancing a dance break at the center, and Jinny performed powerful rap .

It was a song that danced more intensely than their debut song “Who Dis?”!

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SECRET NUMBER will appear in various music programs and promote the comeback activity of the new song “Got That Boom”.

I’m looking forward to their live performance!

Please check it out ♪