Too cute world is a topic! OH MY GIRL is back with “Nonstop” !!


OH MY GIRL consists of seven people like a fairy.

OH MY GIRL battled MAMAMOO, AOA and (G) I-DLE at Queendom, and ithey became even more popular.

Speaking of OH MY GIRL, the concept that changes every time is a topic.

OH MY GIRL made a comeback with the new song “Nonstop” on April 27.

[MV] OH MY GIRL(오마이걸) _ Nonstop(살짝 설렜어)

OH MY GIRL’s new song “Nonstop” was a topic of conversation about a cute view of the world from the teaser video.

The MV of “Nonstop” that was published was a perfect view of the world to OH MY GIRL.

It’s too cute!

Jiho, who was resting, came back and made a comeback as a full body.

The members who appeared in various costumes were cute MV.

The melody of rust is exhilarating, and it becomes a habit.

Mimi’s lap and Yooa’s dance were also very cool.

Seunghee with pink hair, Mimi with purple hair, and the graded visuals of the members became a hot topic.

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OH MY GIRL’s new song “Nonstop” has swept the main charts.

In 2020, it’s going to be more and more popular.

Please check out OH MY GIRL’s new song “Nonstop” of a cute world view♪