What’s meaning of BABYMONSTER “BATTER UP”? Baseball term?


BABYMONSTER is newly debuting from YG Entertainment.

BABYMONSTER has been well-received for their talented performance since their audition show.

Today, November 20th, it was announced that BABYMONSTER’s debut song is “BATTER UP”!

This is the title poster of “BATTER UP” posted on BABYMONSTER’s official Twitter.

The long-awaited title song of BABYMONSTER has been announced.

The song title “BATTER UP” refers to the signal used by the umpire to call the next batter during a baseball game.

It has been announced that “BATTER UP” is a song that conveys the confidence and aspirations that signal the start of BABYMONSTER, so I’m curious as to what kind of song it is 😆

BABYMONSTER has great rap, vocals, dance, so I’d like to see their performance of “BATTER UP” soon!

Let’s check out the MV of BABYMONSTER’s “BATTER UP” which will be released in the future♪