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EVERGLOW released MV for「LA DI DA」! Focus on the cool visuals !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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EVERGLOW to which the members who appeared in Produce48 belong.

“Bon Bon Chocolat”, “DUN DUN”, EVERGLOW has been hit songs since their debut.

EVERGLOW has made a comeback with the new song “LA DI DA”!

This is the MV for EVERGLOW “LA DI DA” released on September 21st.

EVERGLOW has a great number of MV views every time.

The previous song “DUN DUN” has been played over 150 million times.

The new song “LA DI LA” has a retro feel like an anime song!

Black outfits and red outfits all look great on EVERGLOW members.

The dance part where Yiren danced at the center in the climax was also impressive with cool choreography.

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In “LA DI DA”, focus on the more beautiful visuals of the EVERGLOW members.

There was a different charm from “Bon Bon Chocolat” and “DUN DUN”, and I saw a new side of EVERGLOW.

I want to see the live performance of “LA DI DA” soon ♪