Shocking visuals!!(G) I-DLE makes a comeback with “Oh my god” !

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(G)I-DLE deebuted from the same office as 4MINUTE and CLC.

The debut song “LATATA” won first place in the music program and was very popular since its debut.

Queendom, which appeared in 2019, competed for first place with MAMAMOO, OHMYGIRL, AOA, LOVELYZ and 2NE1 Bom.

Even though (G)I-DLE was only a rookie in a group and it became a topic.

Lion was especially popular.

(G) I-DLE made a comeback with the new song “Oh my god”.

The (G) I-DLE is attracting attention from all over the world.

The teaser video released also recorded a great number of views.

And finally, in the MV of “Oh my god”, the shocking visual of (G) I-DLE became a hot topic.

The MV, which starts with Minnie , was goose bumps from start to finish.

The lap of leader Soyeon was also very cool.

Soojin became sexy at once by the blonde.

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(G) I-DLE’s comeback activity that begins from now on.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance they will perform on the live stage♪