The passion is amazing! MAMAMOO Solar makes her solo debut with “뱉어 (Spit it out)” !!

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MAMAMOO is a hot topic of performance.

MAMAMOO’s singing ability is the best in the girls’ group.

Queendom won the championship with other popular girls’ groups.

“Hip” released after that was also a big hit.

The collaboration stage with JYP at MAMA was also a great response.

MAMAMOO is expected to play an active part in 2020.

On April 23, MAMAMOO’s Solar made her solo debut in “Spit it out”.

Among the song-winning MAMAMOO, Solar boasts a particularly strong vocal.

The new song “Spit it out” is a powerful song that seems to be Solar.

Solar’s visuals attracted attention as well.

From sexy to shaved, it was fresh to see a lot of Solar.

And after all, Solar’s live performance was amazing.

Dancing with a lot of performers in the flashy costumes was a lot of power.

I feel that she powered up further.

One side of Solar whowas different from the time of MAMAMOO was seen again.

Please check it out♪